Ideas, creativity

As I mentioned, furniture cannot only be useful but using our imagination we can also transform our old, discarded, or inherited furniture!
Here are some ideas, that can be brought to life from the rethinking of antique or modern furniture. These pieces of furniture are also called “designer” pieces of furniture, but the point is that when furniture is reborn, only the imagination sets the limits. Here, as you can see, you can play with colours, patterns, with combining styles. The point is to imagine what can be brought out of a given piece of furniture with a creative idea?  Nowadays, there are many examples of this, that are worth thinking about … Of course, I am happy to give advice on these ideas, to help you make your dreams come true! For example, if you like a piece of furniture on the internet that you want to buy but you’re unsure about the quality of the product, I will be happy to help with the  selection process if you send me the link first.  This way, you can judge the condition of your furniture more confidently if you get an estimated renovation budget before you decide. And if the selected furniture would require carpentry works, e.g. painting, polishing, carving replacements, etc.- then don’t be discouraged, contact me with confidence, we can solve this matter, as well!