About us

My name is Csaba Frank, I was born on 16 August 1970, in Budapest.
Among my ascendants were several artisans. I’ve got the craft and the artistic vein from them.
I view furniture not only as a simple sitting and lying fit but as an aesthetic form as well.

Thus I chose the profession of furniture upholsterer,  and during my internship, I realised that I could only learn the profession with hard work and perseverance.

I became a private contractor relatively early on, and I’m very grateful that fate brought me together with older colleagues who knew the ins and outs of the profession.

Unfortunately, this generation is already fading away …

I’ve come across a lot of furniture over the years, but I’m still learning the profession to this day, which has had transformed significantly! By this I mean the modernisation of furniture, of course.

The old, “traditional” upholstered furniture was designed to last, it was made through a procedure that certainly holds up even nowadays, and serves our needs both in terms of comfort and aesthetics.
That’s how worn, old furniture became my hobby, too! You can actually see the results of the work, the way a piece of furniture is reborn!

What kind of furniture am I renovating?

Modern furniture; -sofas, double beds, mattresses, massage beds and armchairs, dining chairs and benches with cushions,

Antique furniture

-chaise longues, sofas, sofa beds, couches, leather desk tops, armchairs, chairs

Every piece of furniture is different!

Upholstery can also be varied; fabric, velvet, brocade, leather,

imitation leather, etc …

I can, of course undertake the renovation of hotels, boarding houses, health care institutions, kindergartens, schools and theatre furniture As well with a 1 year warranty.